Aria 906 K2

Focal Aria 906 K2

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Aria K2 906 is a compact bookshelf loudspeaker with a premium sound. The iconic K2 Power cone in its two mid-bass speaker drivers produces a sound that is precise, dynamic and with high power handling. The TNF tweeter delivers silky treble whilst the surrounding plate with waveguide improves the sound's horizontal directionality for a better sound image. Aria K2 906 is assuredly stylish. The side panels of the loudspeaker feature the high-end Ash Grey finish from the Utopia line for an extra dose of elegance. It is recommended for rooms from 161.46 sq ft (15m²) and a listening distance of around 8,2ft (2.5m).

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1 x AL/Mg Diskant
1 x 61/2” Kevlar-Bas
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Aria 906 K2
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