Advance Acoustic DX1

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Kompakt DAC med försteg och hörlursförstärkare från Advance Paris (Acoustic)

The DX1 is more than an exceptional DAC that is able to drive PCM 24 bit 192 kHz PCM (USB-B) and the DSD 2.8,5.6 and 11.2, and thanks to its settings it becomes a preamplifier/DAC and an excellent headphones amplifier.

The DX1 is a component of the Smart Line serie,so nice with its methacrylate front panel and ergonomically designed. A standby on/off and a rotary encoder are sufficient to control everything ! When switching on the device, the standby buton is red lighted. Switching on the standby button, it becomes white lighted, so ready !

The rotary encoder is ringed by a white LED.This unic command allows to select numerous digital inputs : six optical S/PDIF ,3 coax as 1 BNC, 1 AES with XLR, 2 USB ( one USB A to be connected on an Appl device as iPhone, iPod, iPad or others products made for iPod, and one USB B to be connected to a computer) and even a BT aptX input with our amazing plug connector ( optional ) X-FTB01, pure digital !

The menu allows to use the DX1 as a pure DAC with a direct fixed level output or to activate the variable volume, so using the DX1 as a Preamplifier/DAC. This encoder enables an access to the stereo line outputs volume control (Cinch but also in balanced on XLR), but also for headphones output adjustment (two), on 3.5mm stereo jack plugs.

The DX1 meets the current energy standards, but allows also the possibility to release the APD function (Automatic Power Down) that activates, by default, the standby mode of the DAC after around 30 minutes without any signal.Each action on the parameters is shown on the display.We can’t do better on ergonomics!

The PCM signal is processed 24 Bit 192 kHz ( USB B) and the DX1 also accepts the DSD from 64 (2.8 MHz) to 256 ( 11.2 MHz) !The inside design is made with last generation components for supply regulations and the famous AKM 4490 for conversion. Premium converter, this DAC provides the Velvet sound concept.

The Velvet sound concept refresh sound quality as from pure technical measures combined to listening tests.The synchronisation is made by a very modern and really precise circuit, instead of a quartz crystal, now obsolete.The result matches the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles people, with low frequencies strengh and without heaviness, medium frequencies ensuring a real presence for voices and a high level of clarity, and finally, accurate and balanced treble forcing admiration. Dynamic range, transparency and spatialization are there !

At this level of price, our DX1 is now recognized as a reference.

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