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KEF Reference 2C

KEF Reference 2C

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Reference 2c

Referens 2c avslöjar alla finesser som är inbäddade i filmljudspår
och musikinspelningar med samma häpnadsväckande realism och tydlighet som
den större referens 4c. För tydlighet, detalj och känslomässigt djup är det en

Uni-Q Driver Array
At the heart of The Reference is a
stunning new iteration of KEF’s landmark innovation: the Uni-Q point
source MF/HF driver array. With a state-of-the-art 25mm (1in.) vented
aluminium dome tweeter at the exact acoustic center of a highly
sophisticated 125mm (5in.) mid range driver, both act as a single source
that floods the listening space evenly with a flawless natural sound
field, no matter where you sit. Capturing all the nuances of the human
voice, whether whispered, spoken or sung, it sounds as if the person
were right there with you in the room. All the jaw-dropping performance
and innovative engineering pioneered for the critically acclaimed LS50
studio monitor, and then some. Reference 2c pairs KEF’s latest 125mm (5
inch) MF/HF Uni-Q driver array with the sensational new 165mm (6.5 inch)
alloy cone bass driver to create a compellingly realistic sound stage
out of all proportion to its size. Mounted on shelves or stands, Uni-Q’s
inherently wide, even dispersion also makes it the perfect rear channel
speaker in a home theater system that effortlessly reveals all the
subtleties encoded in modern soundtracks.

Bass Driver
Clean, rich and articulate bass grounds your enjoyment of stereo or
multi-channel sound, and like everything else about The Reference, KEF’s
new 165mm (6.5 inch) LF driver is in a class apart. With a massive
vented magnet assembly and a large aluminium wire voice coil driving an
exceptionally light, stiff and strong alloy cone, the dynamics and power
handling are superb. Played loud or soft, in delicate passages or for
full-on bass effects, the combination of advanced materials and clever
engineering delivers deeply rewarding lows that blend seamlessly with
Uni-Q’s immaculate mid range and treble response.

Cabinet Design
The Reference drivers are set in a smooth,
strikingly distinctive front baffle engineered to eliminate response
anomalies caused by diffraction. Made from an exceptionally strong
laminated aluminium/resin composite and secured via high-loss pads and
high tensile bolts, it adds tremendous rigidity to the inert cabinet.
Finished by hand in pair-matched wood veneers to complement the
composite front baffle, the shape and bracing geometry of the cabinets
are computer-optimized to minimize secondary radiation from the cabinet
walls and distortion from standing waves. With constrained layer damping
to absorb residual vibrations, they’re engineered to eliminate any
panel resonance, stray reflections or box coloration effects that would
compromise the purity of the sound.


Modellreference 2
Diskantelement25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
Mellanregister125mm (5in.) aluminium
Baselement2 x165mm (6.5in.) aluminium
Nom. / Music power handling50 - 300 watt
Frekvensomfång (+/- 3dB)80Hz – 35k Hz
Impedans8Ω (min. 3.2Ω) ohm
Känslighet (2.83V / 1m)87.5 dB
FinishDeep Piano Black, Satin American Walnut, Luxury Gloss Rosewood
Dimensioner (B x H x D)630 x 205 x 325 mm
Vikt/st22.79 kg

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